The UK organisation Word Animal Day is committed to making the world a fairer place for all living creatures. 4. On 1 October, World Animal Day will be celebrated. On this day, animals are acknowledged and given more attention, awareness is raised and a culture of compassion is developed through the celebration of Animal Day. The mission of World Animal Day is to raise the status of animals and improve their welfare.

To achieve this, animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals are encouraged to organise events to celebrate Animal Day. Inclusion is growing at an astonishing rate and is now widely accepted and celebrated in many countries, regardless of nationality, religion, belief or political ideology.

Organising a celebration of World Animal Day motivates and inspires people to take action for a better future for animals. The lives of animals are affected by the actions of both individuals and organisations. World Animal Day encompasses all animals and their different problems in every country. The Day has already made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion of animal welfare standards and its impact is growing.

There are other animal-related days, such as World Laboratory Animal Day 24. On 3 April, World Wildlife Day. March and Pet Day on 11. April – these are also important. World Animal Day, however, embraces all animals and the different problems they face around the world. It’s a good day to show your love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world.

Participation in the celebration of World Animal Day is growing every year, with more and more countries organising a wide range of inspiring events. 2003. In 2008, 44 events were registered in 13 countries and this has now grown to an estimated 1000 events in around 100 countries.

Animal Day events

– awareness-raising and educational events
– shelter open days and pet adoption events
– conferences and workshops
– animal blessing services
– fundraising events (charity concerts, sponsored walks, etc.).
– school events to educate the younger generation (e.g. animal-related competitions, concerts and performances).
– workshops to educate owners of working animals
– sterilisation and veterinary camps
– rabies prevention awareness raising and vaccination.
– radio and TV interviews to raise awareness of animal issues and World Animal Day and its mission.
– peaceful protests to raise awareness of a particular animal welfare issue or to encourage governments to introduce animal welfare legislation.

Everyone can help by raising the visibility of World Animal Day!

Launching a World Animal Day

World Animal Day was the brainchild of journalist, editor, writer and animal rights activist Heinrich Zimmermann (1887 – 1942). Zimmermann was born in Warsaw but lived in Berlin. He published the magazine Mensch und Hund (translation: Man and Dog). He used the magazine to promote animal welfare to the wider public. He also founded the World Animal Day Committee.

Zimmermann organised the first World Animal Day celebrations on 24 September. March 1925. in Berlin and took it for the first time to 4. October 1929. Initially it found followers only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. Every year, Zimmermann worked tirelessly to promote World Animal Day. 1931. At the Congress in May 2006, 4. October is World Animal Day.

World Animal Day was chosen for 4. October, as it is the feast of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of nature. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) was the founder of the Catholic Franciscan Order. Legend has it that St Francis could talk to animals and even tame a wolf. He died on 4. on the eve of October, which became his patron saint’s day. 705 years after his death, the 4. October is World Animal Day.

If you care about animals, celebrate this day with us and many other animal lovers!

You can read about the history of animal protection in Estonia on Wikipedia.

Source: World Animal Day