Pet foodShopFor catsCanned food for catsGrandorf Chicken Breast Fillet and Crab Fillet Can for Cats 6x70g



Completely natural wet food from selected fillets. Gently cooked in its own broth. Perfect for cats with sensitive digestion. Only meat and nothing superfluous. An excellent addition to dry food.

– 100% natural and healthy composition
– 75% (65% chicken fillet, 10% crab fillet)
– grain free

Consists of carefully selected hypoallergenic ingredients that help prevent allergic reactions and food intolerances while strengthening immunity and digestion.
Does not contain: grain, by-products, soy, gluten, GMO, artificial color and flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Ingredients: 65% chicken breast fillet, 10% crab fillet, 24% own juice, 1% potato

Analytical composition: Proteins 16%, fats 0.1%, fibers 0.2%, ash 1%, moisture 82.7%
Metabolizable energy: 740kcal/kg

Feeding: 1 can per 4kg of animal weight per day. Serve at room temperature, keep drinking water available.