Pet foodShopFor catsDry food for catsPure Life Cat Adult Duck & Turkey for Adult Cats 8kg (4x2kg)



Pure Life Duck and Turkey complete food for Adult cats, suitable also for cats with sensitive stomach.

– Supports the health of skin and fur (biotin, chelated zinc, omega-3 ja -6 fatty acids)
– Urinary tract health (cranberry, selected mineral content)
– Daily digestive wellbeing (pineapple, papaya, fibre – to limit hairball formation)
– 85% of proteins are of animal origin
– Does not contain cereals or gluten
– GMO-free raw plant materials
– Does not contain artifical coloring
– Contains natural antioxidants

Ingredients: Dehydrated animal proteins (min 33%) (duck min 4%, turkey min 4%, chicken, portk), potato starch, peas, tapioca, poultry fat, field beans fiber, linseeds, apple fiber, animal protein hydrolysates, duck fat, dehydrated carrots, metionine, artichoke, fish oil, fish autolysates (0,5%), amonium chloride, pomegranata, black currant, brewer’s yeast, sea salt, clay, taurine, algae, fructo-oligosaccharides, papaia, cranberry, pineapple (stem), sour cherry, yucca, aloe vera, rosmary extract, vitamines and trace elements.

Analytical constiuents: Crude proteins 34%, crude fats and oil 15%, fibre 4%, crude ash 6,5%, calcium 1,2%, phosporus 1%, sodium 0,6%, potassium 0,71%, magnesium 0,09%, linolenic acid 30 g/kg, alfa-linolic acid 12 g/kg, EPA + DHA 1,34 g/kg, lüsine 18,7 g/kg, metionine 10,4 g/kg, taurine 1300 mg/kg, copper 14 mg/kg, zinc 93 mg/kg (from which zinc chelate 24 mg/kg), manganese 67 mg/kg, iodine 1,4 mg/kg, selenium 0,26 mg/kg (from which organic selenium 0,06 mg/kg), vitamin A 13200 UI, vitamin D3 1200 UI, vitamin E 120 UI, vitamin B1 72 mg/kg, vitamin B2 3 mg/kg, pantotenic acid 10,4 mg/kg, vitamin B6 3,6 mg/kg, vitamin B12 0,02 mg/kg, vitamin PP 39 mg/kg, biotin 1,2 mg/kg, folic acid 0,7 mg/kg, choline chloride 3750 mg/kg, metabolizable energy 3885 kcal/kg.