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Breeders (Anasis OÜ) offers a cooperation programme for breeders to supply pet food.

The terms and conditions of this Grower Co-operation Programme apply to the purchase of goods and services from the online shop between the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as the Grower) and the company Anasis OÜ under the brand name

To join the Breeders’ Partnership Programme, do the following:
You do not have a account:
– Register now for your account
– Indicate that you would like to join the breeder programme and enter the name of your kennel.
– We will then contact you and sign you up to the Breeders Programme.
The grower’s rebate is then automatically applied.

b) You already have a account:
– Contact us via the enquiry form, by email ( or by phone (5660 6134).
– Let us know you want to join and your kennel name.
– Join the Breeders Programme.
Thereafter, the benefits will apply automatically.

c) Email us at or contact us using the contact form below and let us know your request.

, permanent discount -15% on all regular priced products.
– Free transport for orders of 50 euro or more. Orders of less than 50 euros are subject to an additional delivery charge according to the price list in the conditions of sale.
– A gift for puppies. will give the breeder a puppy gift pack (puppy food bag) according to the number of puppies born in the kennel. Puppy packs are free of charge to the Breeder and are intended to be given by the Breeder to the new owner together with the puppy.

NB! To get a gift pack for your puppy, let us know about the birth of the litter and we’ll agree on how to get it to you.

The data provided by the breeder to (Anasis OÜ) will be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy. (Anasis OÜ) reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the Breeder Cooperation Programme. These changes will be reflected on

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